Living Family History | Not Past Today

Living Family History, #NotPastToday! I’m pleased to offer Living Family History (LFH) as a proactive way to not only save those valued memories but to effectively reduce the pain that death causes. How? By preserving their history! LFH gives you an easy to use multimedia platform to collect and store your loved ones life history. This is more than developing a family tree, it’s about chronicling the Essence of your family. In it you can trail and highlight the life of loved ones who have passed. Just as valuable is the documenting of life experiences as they occur. Be creative with your photo, video or audio options. Save valued documents or simply post your thoughts while communicating with family members. Would you like to leave a video message? Say hello to future family members? Finally a completely safe and secure digital home to save all the experiences that add color, that have helped mold and identify you as a family. Not Past Today! – Bryan Renslow CEO Living Family History LLC