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How To Tune a Piano Plymouth MN

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How To Tune a Piano Plymouth MN, What Makes My Piano Tuning Different? You may be asking what makes me different from all of the other piano tuners? I show you in this “how to tune a piano” video.

Every piano is unique and has its own tone and personality. I have tuned old and new pianos, Steinways and Bosendorfers plus unique brands that are not commonly known. I love them all and look forward to caring for YOUR piano.

I tune, repair and rebuild pianos. Whether your piano is played by you and your family in your home, used by you to give piano lessons to dozens of students each week, or used in your church or school with regular performances to the public my goal remains the same… ‘making your piano perform at its best’
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I will show you
how to tune a piano Plymouth MN, what makes my piano tuning different?