Bad Gloves Paranoia

Stardate 08102016

I was working around the house yesterday when a can of expanding foam malfunctioned and got all over my hands. I was simply trying to fill a big gap at the back of our garage. Boom! It got all over my hands were they ever sticky! I didn’t even want to open the door knob of our house, so I thought I’d put my work gloves on. (Insert flashback time-warp music here) Ever super glue two fingers together to see what happens?

Yep! I glued the gloves to my hands.
Well, after a lot of work I was able to rip my gloves off without resorting to using a hack saw. But now my hands have paint, foam, glue and pieces of black work gloves stuck to them. (See photo) I keep thinking about going for coffee tomorrow and trying to keep my hands in my pockets when I’m walking around.

However, I’m now paranoid about putting my hands into anything especially my pockets for fear of getting them stuck again. I can just imagine showing up in the Emergency Room and having the nurse ask me. “Why are you here? Sir… Please remove your hands from your pockets… Sir? SIR! STOP! Doctor he’s going into convulsions! Wait! What is that! Some type of black plague? Get him in isolation STAT!”

I think I’ll take a long shower and see if I can shrink my skin and remove this stuff. Besidesss they keys on my kkkkkeyboard are stickkkking to my fingggers.

Sometimes you just need to laugh. NO FEAR!

Ralph E Peterson
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