Best SEO Company Minneapolis

Best SEO Company Minneapolis

So you’re looking for the Best SEO Company Minneapolis right? What makes us that? Search engine optimization is by far one of the most effective and most important marketing tools for any business owner. SEO gives your site a higher rank in search results, which can result in significant traffic increases to your Website plus emails and phone calls. Our goal is to help businesses attract more clients using the best SEO practices along with proven Video Marketing techniques! Videos + SEO = Sales!

The History of SEO.

Tracing back the history of Search Engine Optimization is difficult to say the least. It is said to have started way back around 1991. (Needless side note, that was after the movie Back To The Future III was released). Remember the Web pages back then? Gray? Black text? That was it! But to REALLY understand the history of SEO let’s first look at the history of the first search engines.

    • February 1993: Six Stanford students create Architext, which would later become the search engine Excite. Some, like Search Engine Land (SEL), say that Excite “revolutionized how information was cataloged,” making it easier to find information “by sorting results based on keywords found within content and backend optimization.”
    • June 1993: Matthew Gray debuts World Wide Web Wanderer, which later became known as Wandex.
    • October 1993: Martijn Koster introduces ALIWEB, which allows site owners to submit their own pages (unbeknown, sadly, to many site owners).
    • December 1993: At least three “bot-fed” search engines exist — JumpStation, RBSE spider and World Wide Web Worm — which likely means they were powered by web robots to crawl both servers and site content to produce results.
    • 1994: Alta Vista, Infoseek, Lycos, and Yahoo search engines all come to fruition.
    • 1996: Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin begin building a search engine that they initially call BackRub.
    • April 1997: AskJeeves is introduced, later becoming
    • September 1997: is registered as a domain name.


Today Google has 90.3% of the search engine market. (Source statcounter) And THAT reason alone is why we focus most of our SEO attention on Google. Google is pretty much calling the shots when it comes to how sites are ranked in their Search Engine. They have dominated the market with Pay Per Click ads, forced website owners and designers into responsive designs (i.e. WordPress or Drupal) so sites display on Mobile devices. And now they are forcing everyone to have an SSL certificate.
Learn more about SSL certificates here.

So… a lot has changed since 1991. (Wow that is an understatement!) Now we have On Page SEO, and Off Page SEO and 7Trillion Corporation specializes in both!

So Here’s The Deal

So here’s the deal, is YOUR business showing up in Google searches for specific key phrases? If not, we can help you with that! In fact we can help you dominate your target market! Contact us today! 763-445-9327 or fill out our form, for more information. #SEO #SEM #VideoMarketing


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