Check Your SSL Certificate – Symantec [2020]

According to, Chrome 66 will be released on April 17th, so it’s time to check your SSL Certificate! If you are running a Symantec SSL certificate issued before June 1, 2016, and you do not replace that certificate, then from April 17th onwards your site will look like this graphic to site visitors!

WARNING! Connection Not Secure

Now is a good time to check to see that you have an updated SSL certificate on your Website! Then head on over to for a new SSL Certificate only $49.99/yr
(By the way that is cheaper than Godaddy!)

We highly recommend that you check here to see if your SSL certificate will be affected by this change. If it’s not, hey! You are good to go! So go! Why are you hanging around here? Or you could watch the video below and leave a nice comment right?

For more information, go to the Official Google Security Blog. Where they fill you in on all of the details. (Get your notepad out.)

And for more about SSL and Google Rankings and watch this video about SSL Certificates:

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