Contacting Us

Before Contacting Us, We Have Questions

YouTube is about to surpass Facebook as a social media site. No kidding! So how are you doing with your business video strategy? Let me ask you six quick questions.
1. Do you have a video marketing strategy for your business?
    Hint, it’s not a good idea to say “whatever” to videos!
2. Are you optimizing your videos on YouTube so they will get the most views and shares?
    Did you know that this is important? We can do this for you.
3. Are you using custom thumbnails for your videos? Are you adding annotations, and/or optimizing for keywords and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
    Yes! We can do this too!
4. Are you using Closed Captioning? Did you know that this is important for SEO?
5. Are your YouTube videos ranked on page one of Google searches?
6. Do you have a video content plan for the next 30 – 60 days?
So… How did you score? If you answered “no” to any one of these questions, contact us now!