Tablet Teleprompter Kit

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Simple Tablet Teleprompter Kit

So you’re looking for a Teleprompter Kit? Hey! This is the ultimate teleprompter kit for tablets (and cell phones) available on the market! Easy to use, easy to assemble and it fits your budget! Perfect for your video production studio! You can add this to your equipment list for shooting professional with your smart phone! It is the Glide Gear TMP100 Adjustable for Android Tablets, iPads and even Smartphones with the Teleprompter Beam Splitter Glass and Carrying Case! And it’s only $199.00! This is an adjustable, collapsible teleprompter. Easy to set up and operate in a only few simple steps. The collapsible design makes for easy transport plus it allows you to read scrolling text while looking directly into your camera. Save time and money by not having to memorize your lines. Your presentations will look natural and especially professional. Practice! Practice! Practice!

  • Accommodates any smartphone or tablet up to 10.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Collapsible teleprompter for small footprint and easy transport
  • Your camera will not photograph the text in the video
  • Protective carry case
  • NOTE: Tripod and camera not included
  • You can get your Glide Gear Teleprompter Kit right here on Amazon: Tablet Teleprompter Kit Order Yours Today!

    Up next week! The Absolute BEST Teleprompter software for your iPad or Android Tablet! Stay tuned!

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