Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

How To Make Your WordPress Website Secure.

hacker graphic Is your WordPress Website secure? There was a huge spike in brute force password-guessing attacks on the websites yesterday. It was discovered that the IP addresses that are behind the surge in attack volume is a home router botnet.

Most site owners should expect to see a significant increase in password-guessing attack volume, if they haven’t already. You need to learn how to protect your WordPress site against brute force attacks. There are several steps you can immediately take on your websites to harden your defenses against brute force password-guessing attacks, which will make your website really, really tough to break into. The harder it is to guess your username and password and break through your site’s defenses, the greater the likelihood that any would-be hacker will simply move on to a much easier target. Contact us today for more information about how to make your WordPress Website secure.

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