This afternoon I took a break from prepping videos for Erickson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical… We stopped at Dunn Bros for a medium dark roast and two peanut butter cookies. As we were driving home Michelle dropped some crumbs on her phone. I looked over at her as she started to lick her phone! To make matters worse a guy on a really nice Victory motorcycle was in the lane next to us, was staring at Michelle licking her phone. You could see it on his face, “What the…?” Meanwhile, Allie in between us on the console, suddenly noticed that Michelle was licking her phone and wanted in on the action. Dog + cookie crumbs = one word… MAYHEM!

This is why you need a video camera ready at all times!

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Okay! Back to work!

Ralph E Peterson
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Ralph Peterson

Ralph Peterson is a graduate from University of Saint Thomas, School of Business Mini-MBA (Small Business Administration/Management) Over 30 years of combined experience in Video Marketing & Website Development.