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Question: “Should I pay to have my Website listed on Search Engines?”

In our opinion, NO! Anyone that asks you for $150 for search engine submission, telling you that they will submit your site to 1,000’s of search engines is scamming you! All search engines get their info from the top three., and And as a matter of fact. There are really only TWO major search engines now! Google and Bing. A couple years ago Bing and Yahoo joined forces and are using the very same search engine.

So don’t buy the lie! Save your hard earned cash! Don’t bother using the search engine submission sites.
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Now how does this relate to video marketing? Well YouTube is owned by Google so you do not even need to “submit” your video link to Google. They do this automatically within a few minutes. And since Google has about 80% of the search engine market… Who do you think is most important to be listed on?

Food for thought.

Ralph E Peterson
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