Best Gear For Shooting Video With Smartphones

So you want to shoot video with your smartphone? (Updated September 2022)

Right here on this page you will find links to my favorite products which I use for shooting quality video with Cell phones. You can easily find all of these on Amazon. Are you ready? Let’s find out what’s in the bag! (My run-n-gun bag)

Note: I use every one of these products listed below and highly recommend them.
Also Note: Some of these are Amazon affiliate links. I may, or may not make a small percentage of the sale some of these items.

Boya Wireless Single Lapel Mic
Boya Wireless Lapel MicIt’s a great wireless mic for you phone or your DSLR. I’ve used this mic outside, in my green screen studio and on location with clients. It’s my main go-to mic when only one person is being recorded. It comes with a nice case so remember to put this mic away and protect it when you are done recording!
Description: 2.4 GHZ Wireless System MIC is combines a revolutionary design and delivers an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless system that provides stellar, broadcast-quality sound. It can be used in anywhere and no need to worry about band limitation.
The transmitter comes with an Omnidirectional lavalier microphone, to ensure a super clear sound when recording. The line-in provides the possibility for users to get more than one sound resource. A 3.5mm headphone output on receiver with level control lets you monitor the sound in real-time, even if your device lacks a headphone output.
This compact kit includes a 3.5mm TRRS audio cable and a 3.5mm TRS audio cable in the package makes the wireless system compatible with most of audio/video equipment, such as Smartphone, tablet, DSLR, small recorder, audio recorder, PC etc., plus this unit features up to 60m (197ft) operating range, ideal for broadcasters, pod-casters, bloggers, live-streamers, YouTube creator, mobile journalism and more.
Easy to use and cary! Turn on the button on Transmitter and Receiver, plug the cables to your device, and one more click to get paired. That’s all the steps to get stated. The total weigh of transmitter and receiver is only 94g, super easy to carry to everywhere.
Contents: 1* Transmitters ,1* Receiver, 1* Lavalier/lapel microphone,1*foam windscreen, 1*carry box 1* 3.5mm to TRS audio output cable, 1* 3.5mm to TRRS audio output cable.
Cost: $124.95
Link: Boya Wireless Mic
Boya Wireless Two Lavalier Mic System
Boya Wireless Lavalier Boya Wireless Lavalier Microophone 2 receiver2 receiverAgain this is great wireless mic set for you phone or your DSLR or even GoPro cameras. When you have two people needing to be mic’d up. This kit works great! I’ve used these mics outside, in my green screen studio and on location with clients. It comes with a nice hard case! (Pack it away when you are done!)
Description: 2.4GHz Wireless 2 Lavalier Microphone System with Hard Case. Compatible with DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, GoPros, iPhones, Android Smartphones, and Tablets, perfect for Vlogging Video.
Cost: $179.95
Link: Boya Wireless 2 Mic System
Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit
Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone cordedHere’s my favorite corded mic kit. This comes with everything you will need. If you just need a mic to use when you are in close proximity of your phone, this is the one to use!
Description Capture high quality audio on your computer with this lavalier microphone kit; perfect for Zoom / Skype calls, online classes / meetings and conferences, podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, video tutorials, and more Plug and Play design is quick and easy to use; no need for batteries or complicated settings; Plugs directly into your computer’s USB-C or USB-A port. Its omnidirectional condenser capsule records rich and vibrant audio Compatible with MacOS, Windows 10 (version build 15063 and above), Smartphones and Tablets with 3.5mm headphone port, Android devices with USB-C port, and iPad Models with USB-C port Compact 6-in-1 bundle; includes a lavalier mic with 4.9ft cord, 9.8ft extension cord, USB-C adapter, USB-A adapter, fuzzy windscreen, foam pop shield, 2x durable lapel clips, carrying pouch and carabiner; this lav mic kit has everything you need for professional quality audio 1-Year Warranty
Cost: $33.99
Link: Purple Panda Mic

Example Video

Above is an example of how I used these products.I was walking backwards as my client walked toward me in this video.
Products Used: Cell Phone Tripod Adapter, 64 Gig Class 10 ScanDisk card, Purple Panda Mic with 9′ extension, Manfrotto Monopod

NOTE: This video was shot before I had my wireless mics. And the only reason I did not use the (woolie) in the video above, is because I forgot to pack it in my shoot bag. (Thankfully it was not windy that day)

Mic Windscreen 10 Pack
Mic Foam Windscreen 10 packWhen you are outside in the wind, this will help stop the wind noise and if someone is a “heavy breather” this will cut that noise. If it’s REALLY windy outside, get the Woolie 2 pack (next one down)
Description: 10 Pack, Lavalier Microphone Mini Windscreen Foam Cover
Cost: $7.99
Link: Mic Windscreen 10 Pack
Mic “Woolie”
Movo mini windscreen 2 packWorking outside in heavy wind? Then this is what you need. These will help stop the wind noise! It just looks really weird so you may need to hide the mic a little.
Description: 2 pack, Movo WS-G10 Furry Outdoor Microphone Windscreens – Custom Fit for Shure Motiv MV88 iOS Microphone
Cost: $9.95
Link: Mic Windscreen 10 Pack
Metal Phone Tripod Mount with Cold Shoe
Metal Phone Tripod Mount w Cold ShoeThis metal tripod adapter is a little more “high end” and will last longer than almost any other adapters. Believe me! I’ve tried a lot of them! I prefer using this one over any other.
Description: Metal Phone Tripod Mount w Cold Shoe, 360° Rotation 1/4″ Screw Tripod Phone Holder. Compatible with iPhone X 11, 12, 13, Pro Max and equivalent Android phones.
Cost: $17.99
Link: Smartphone Tripod Adapter
Manfrotto Monopod Black Manfrotto Monopod Black
I use this with cell phones and DSLR cameras. This helps me give great balance when walking/shooting with cell phone or even a DSLR.
Description: Supports up to 3.3lbs. Ideal for some DSLR’s, compact system cameras, and even smartphones. Wrist strap is included to ensure a safe hold and minimize risk of dropping your camera.
Cost: $41.99
Link: Manfrotto Monopod Black

Neewer Professional Tripod
Newer Professional TripodI use this tripod in my studio and I will be soon ordering a second one for road trips so I don’t have to pack the one up in my studio. Great tripod! Easy to set up. Smooth fluid action for tilt and pan.
Description: Tripod with 360 Degree Fluid Drag Head,1/4 and 3/8-inch Quick Release Plate and Bag,Load up to 13.2 pounds/6 kilograms
Cost: $110.69
Link: Professional Tripod

Table Top Tripod
Now here is a great mini tripod for use on your desk or even as a “chest” tripod. Not only that, it can be carried in your run-n-gun bag all the time.
Description: SLIK Mini Pro III Table Top Tripod, 2-Section, Max 10″ – Black. When retracted and closed, this is only about the size of a standard telephoto lens. You will always Mini table top tripodhave a tripod handy! Besides its traditional use as a tripod, the SLIK MINI PRO III has another great feature, the ability to use the tripod as a “Chest-Pod” camera support. To use it as a chest-pod, first loosen the locking collar around the center column, pull out (raise) the center column at least one inch and tighten. Then, with the legs spread, place the feet of the legs against your upper chest. Loosen the tripod head and position the camera so you can see through the viewfinder comfortably. This will better stabilize your camera and help avoid the dreaded camera shake.
Cost: $34.95
Link: Table Top Tripod

Studio Lighting

Dimmable LED Studio Lighting Kit
Neewer Led Video Light KitLooking for the best studio lighting kit you can buy for the money? This should be within your budget. LED lights so you don’t have to worry about changing light bubs or excessive heat in an enclosed area. Not only that it’s minimal power drain in your studio. I would suggest 2 sets of these for your studio, possibly 3 sets. The main objective it to light your green screen backdrop without shadows.
Description: Neewer 18″ Led Video Light Panel Lighting Kit with Remote, 2-Pack 45W Dimmable Bi-Color +Light Stand, 3200K–5600K Soft Light CRI 97+ 4800Lux for Studio, Gaming, Live Streaming, YouTube studio production or Photography.
Cost: $281.99
Short Link: Dimmable LED Lighting Kit

Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop
green-screenFor your lighting kit, you need a green screen video background. (100% Cotton) I have a studio set up in my basement at my home. I stretched this screen across one wall. Most of my videos are waste shots so I do not have this covering the floor. However, you CAN set it up that way if you want to. Suitable for all level videographers/photographers from amateurs to professionals. It’s a perfect backdrop for your studio production.
Description: 10×20 Chromakey, 100% Cotton, Machine Washable Video/Photography Green Screen.
Link: Chromakey Studio Green Screen

Glide Gear Teleprompter Kit
Are you looking for a great teleprompter setup for your studio? Glide Gear Teleprompter KitThis works with high end HD Video cameras, DSLR and YES even your smartphone! And all you need to make it work is an iPad or Android Tablet. (I find that the 9″ works the best) I have a separate blog post about this one. iPad/Android teleprompter kit.
Description: Glide Gear TMP100 Adjustable iPad/ Tablet/ Smartphone Teleprompter Beam Splitter 70/30 Glass w/ Carry Case No Plastic All Metal / No Assembly Required
Cost: $195.00
Link: Teleprompter Kit
NOTE: Tablet NOT Included

But wait! There’s More!

These next products are not “must have” tools for shooting video with a smart phone however, it’s nice to have these items in your shootRun-N-Gun bag or your editing suite.

SanDisk 64GB microSD Card $13sandisk ultra 64gb micro #7TrillionVideos
You need a fast card for your phone for shooting video, and you need lots of storage as well. This is a class 10 card with up to 80 MB/s transfer speed. (i.e. FAST) I’ve purchased cheap cards before and that was a huge mistake. There is nothing worse than a card that loses all data! ScanDisk cards have never let me down. At $13 you can get two or three!!! (updated 7/5/2019)
Link: SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC

TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder
If you need a Professional quality hand held recorder this is only around $170! I use this in my recording studio for voice over recording. Love this baby! Highly recommended!
Link: TASCAM DR-40

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone
These are the headphones all the professional studio musicians and sound technicians use. I have 2 sets.
Link: Sony Headphones

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