Tools For Shooting Video With Cell Phones

So you want to shoot video with your cell phone? (Updated 2019 list)

Right here on this page you will find links to my favorite products which I use for shooting quality video with Cell phones. You can easily find all of these on Amazon. Ready? Set! ORDER!
(NOTE: Just so you know, I use every one of these products listed below)

Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter $7universal-smartphone-tripod-adapter |
This adapter is a little more “high end” and will last longer than most adapters. I prefer using this one. And it’s only $7 bucks! (updated 7/5/2019)
Link: Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC $13sandisk ultra 64gb micro #7TrillionVideos
You need a fast card for your phone for shooting video, and you need lots of storage as well. This is a class 10 card with up to 80 MB/s transfer speed. (i.e. FAST) I’ve purchased cheap cards before and that was a huge mistake. There is nothing worse than a card that loses all data! ScanDisk cards have never let me down. At $13 you can get two or three!!! (updated 7/5/2019)
Link: SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC

Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones $61 (List Price $90) Rode smartlav mic #7TrillionVideos
Best mic for iPhone or Android phones, I have 2 of these mics. I highly recommend them! (updated 7/5/2019)
Link: Rode SmartLav+ Mic

Manfrotto Aluminum Monopod $62.50 manfrotto aluminum monopod #7TrillionVideos
I use this with cell phones and DSLR cameras. Gives good balance when walking/shooting with cell phone.
Link: Manfrotto Aluminum Monopod
Want a super lightweight Carbon Fiber version? Check this out!
Link: Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Monopod

12 Foot Mic Cable Extension (3 ring cable) $712-foot-mic-cable-extension |
This is the 12′ extension cable I use with the Rode SmartLav Mic for shooting interviews so I can stand back further and/or use tripod
Link: 12 Foot Mic Cable Extension

Example Video

Here is an example of how I used these products.
I was walking backwards as my client walked toward me in this video.
Products Used: Cell Phone Tripod Adapter, 64 Gig Class 10 ScanDisk card, Rode SmartLav+,
Manfrotto Monopod, and 12 foot extension cable.

NOTE: The only reason I did not use the next product (woolie) in the video above, is because I forgot to pack it in my shoot bag. (Thankfully it was not windy that day)

Micover Slipover-Mini Windscreen for RODE SmartLav Lavalier SMLAV $18 woolie
Woolie wind screen I use for outdoor shoots. Goes over Rode SmartLav mic head. Cuts wind noise to virtually nothing. (just looks a little weird)
Link: SmartLav+ Woolie

Glide Gear Teleprompter Kit

Are you looking for a great teleprompter setup for your studio? This works with high end HD Video cameras, DSLR and YES even your cellphone!
I have a separate blog post about this one. iPad/Android teleprompter kit.

But wait! There’s More!

These next products are not “must have” tools for shooting video with a cell phone however, it’s nice to have them in your shoot bag.

Goliton® Mini Desktop Tripod Stand $7 (Can you believe this price?)mini desktop tripod stand #7TrillionVideos
I use this mini tripod/pistol grip a lot. It is very cheaply made however it really works well. Especially if you need a to shoot a video with the phone sitting atop your desk.
Link: Mini Desktop Tripod Stand

Professional Lighting Kit $120professional-lighting-kit
Fancierstudio 2400 Watt With Three Softbox Lights Simple Lighting kit which works great for shooting cell phone video. Easy to assemble and comes with a carrying bag.
Link: Professional Lighting Kit

10’x20′ Chromakey Green Screen $42green-screen
For your lighting kit, you need a green screen video background. (100% Cotton) I have a studio set up in my basement at my home. I stretched this screen across one wall.
Link: Studio Green Screen

TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder
If you need a Professional quality hand held recorder this is only around $170! I use this in my recording studio for voice over recording. Love this baby! Highly recommended!
Link: TASCAM DR-40

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone $79.99
These are the headphones all the professional studio musicians and sound technicians use. I have 2 sets.
Link: Sony Headphones

Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa $99.99
If you are looking for a great Bluetooth speaker to connect with your phone, this one will rock your face off! I highly recommend this! The sound is great and has good bass. (Not kick-butt bass but it’s still good.)
Link: Echo by Amazon

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