Videos can Increase Conversions by 80%

Will Video Marketing really help your company?

“A video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more!”

I know for a fact that this stat is true! I once interviewed for a position with Northern Tool (FYI I did not accept) but what I found out was amazing! They realized that by including a video with each product with their on-line catalog, their sales increased! So at that time, they were create videos for every one of their products! Northern Tool would not put forth marketing dollars if they were not seeing results!

Here is another stat for you! (It’s 2-fer Stat day!)

“A video on the front page of your Website can increase conversions by 20% or more!”
– Visually

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) vs Organic Video Marketing, Minneapolis MN Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing = conversions of sales! Call us for more information!
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Ralph Peterson is a graduate from University of Saint Thomas, School of Business Mini-MBA (Small Business Administration/Management) Over 30 years of combined experience in Video Marketing & Website Development.

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