What’s taking SEO long?

Question: “How long before my new site is listed after Search Engine submission?”

Good question! Sometimes 3 days and then again, in one instance we’ve had Google take up to two months. Here is another example, we submitted DomainNameTransfers.co to the top 3 search engines, Bing/Yahoo both crawled the site and had it indexed in 3 days. Google? They took almost a month before it was crawled and showed up in searches. On the other hand we submitted AdvBioMed.com and Google had that site indexed in 2 days. But, Bing/Yahoo did not index the site until 6 days later. Go figure!
So you never know what is taking SEO stinking long!

And that’s our take on website indexing. Once again, why we like using YouTube videos for marketing, is that they will be indexed in only a few hours. We actually had one video showing up on page one of Google in only 43 seconds! (A personal best for us)

Ralph E Peterson
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Ralph Peterson

Ralph Peterson is owner and CEO of 7Trillion Corporation - Internet Marketing Service. He is a graduate from University of Saint Thomas, School of Business Mini-MBA (Small Business Administration/Management) Over 30 years of combined experience in Video Marketing & Website Development. Businesses: 7Trillion Corporation | The Domain Dude | Bubblicious Media | Radical Reseller